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+1 (734)
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
2264 S. Main St,
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

About Us

“PALGONG” in Korean means “80”, which is the ideal temperature in Celsius to brew teas. This ideal brewing temperature reflects our philosophy of creating the perfect environment to warm and nurture one’s life as we do with all our tea blends. We are a special tea brand with selections of the finest tea originated from the world’s best tea farms. Our local tea masters from Korea dedicate themselves to making the best quality brews out of our tea selection.

Our Delicious Specials


Bingsu (bingsoo) is a traditional Korean shaved ice milk that is light, refreshing, and melts in your mouth. Our seasonal bingsu is made from shaved ice, milk and various toppings - a full list of which can be found on our menu.

Korean Corn Dogs

Hungry? Our popular Korean corn dogs are made in-house and to order! Fillings include the stretchiest mozzarella, juicy hot dog, or both (if you're feeling feisty)! A full list of our signature toppings can be found on our menu.


You've heard of biscuits and tea - now, get ready for the dynamic duo that is croffles and tea! Our croffles are a deliciously flaky, waffle-croissant hybrid that are freshly baked and pressed every morning! Flavors include original, chocolate, and caramel.

Sarah Maskour

Local Guide

Another great bubble tea place in AA! They had very unique flavors; their green grape ade is definitely a much try. I'll be back to try their bingsu and their Korean hot dog!

Donattela Bule


Some of the best fruit tea, coffee & boba we've had! The Korean corn dogs were amazing! Definitely would recommend! Super clean & awesome service.

Min Sun Yoo

Local Guide

You need to go check out this place. I've been to many bubble tea places but this place is by far the best. Also, you got to try their Korean corn dogs with potato toppings.

Terry Qi


Hands down the best boba spot in Ann Arbor. Wide selection of boba and Korean snacks, fair pricing, clean and comfortable environment, and employees are very friendly. 10/10.

Rafael Santos

Local Guide

So excited to have a boba place in this area! Store is clean with plenty of tables, staff was friendly and helpful and my Taro Milk Tea was great!